Complete Class

Christian Bale has completely surprised me. I took him for another Hollywood elite like all the rest. I was wrong. I don’t know where he stands politically but his recent actions in Colorado are worthy of praise.

He didn’t have to do anything. He was just the actor in a movie. But since the movie being watched at the time of the massacre was his….he came out and visited the wounded and put flowers at the vigil. That took a lot of class. While I haven’t seen the movie yet, I look forward to it. The movie will have new meaning knowing that the man behind the mask has an ounce of honor.


Bill O’Reilly….Pinhead


You have some good opinions. When it comes to guns you’re an idiot. NO ONE can just go in a shop or gunshow and buy a bazooka. Not a functional one anyway. There is such a thing as “DeMil’ed” or replica bazookas….but they have no possible way of ever working. You see the firing mechanisms are removed and steel blocks WELDED in place to prevent them from even being loaded.

Oh, you can’t walk in and buy machine guns either. You kept pushing the issue even after Rep. Chaffetz told you the process people have to go through you just said he was wrong and moved on. That was incredibly narcissistic. As an FFL holder myself I can tell you that  Rep. Chaffetz was 100% correct.

Every sale has to undergo a background check. Federal forms have to be filled out and kept on file for a minimum of 20yrs (after that they go to a BATFE warehouse and are kept on file…forever). You have to undergo a second background check, one that can last over a year, if you want something Class 3. So, that covers your full automatics.

Bill, you’re wrong and you don’t even have the guts to admit it. The ATF, not the FBI is the proper reporting agency and they already know everything they need to know. You are misinformed and unwilling to admit it. What little respect I had for you is long gone now. Patriot or pinhead….you rank with all the other pinheads.

I thought about putting the clips up here so everyone will know what I’m talking about. Sorry, I won’t put your face on my site. I won’t promote the watching of your show for any reason.


Colorado Tragedy…in more ways than one.

I can’t express enough sorrow for the families of the fallen in the Aurora shooting. I’ve seen the photo of the father weeping with his family and can only imagine how I would react if it were one of my children caught in the cross fire. My heart goes out to them.

I have a lot of trouble with the theater being a gun free zone. All the reports said there were clear signs posted. They might as well have said, “Unarmed Sheep. Predators wanted”.  The businesses that post them have the right to do so. Or do they? I can’t put up a sign that says no Blacks, or Mexicans, or Chinese. That would be racist. Well, isn’t it just another form of bigotry to not allow people that take their safety into their own hands? I think it is. Just because a group of people lawfully take their families safety seriously, go through background checks, paperwork, training, and a life time of followup training and practice we are looked down upon. Maybe it’s just me but I think that is 100% wrong.

Naturally as soon as the shots are fired, the casings not even cold, the anti-gun crowd is all over this like the cockroaches they are. Get a load of this. Is this guy for real? Of course who is going to take George from Seinfeld seriously? The guy was a tool on the show and his tweet shows that he remains so.

I’m so sick of these morons coming out of the woodwork before a tragic event is even mourned. This is a time to let the families find closure, mourn their dead, prosecute a murderer, and find a way to avoid this situation in the future. Instead they gather with news cameras and laptops to watch the victims bleed out while blaming the tools of their deaths rather than the evil man pulling the trigger. It’s unconscionable.

So, if I could send a message to the liberal media and their lackeys, SHUT UP, you worthless vultures. Those parents have the right to mourn their loss without you in their faces or using their dead to further your agenda. On that, using dead men, women, and children as poster children for ANY agenda is worthy of more than our scorn. It’s worthy of our disgust. The lengths you pit vipers will go turns my stomach and I only wish I could wretch your bile down the toilet, where it belongs, and flush it away for all time. Mr. Alexander, there’s a bigger reason than you don’t want to be on tv that makes us glad we don’t have to see your face. You are irrelevant. You simply don’t matter. You aren’t on our tv screens because we don’t want to see you. So tweet whatever you want. No one of consequence is listening. Those of us who choose to lawfully carry a weapon will continue to stand as the first line of defense for our families, neighbors, perfect strangers, and even your sorry carcass.

The invitations to Obama’s Birthday…..

That’s right. We have an email sent out to invite others to Obama’s birthday. Check it out:

Have you ever gotten to do something so cool you’re almost jealous of yourself?

Pretty sure this would count: On August 12th, just three weeks before the Democratic National Convention and 12 weeks before Election Day, President Obama will have a few friends over to mark his 51st birthday—in the backyard of his Chicago home.

And you’re invited.

Make a donation today to be automatically entered for a chance to be there—flight and hotel paid for.

Are you kidding me? Make a donation and even you can have a chance to come to the birthday party of the worst president in US history. It doesn’t get more conceded than that. What a joke. I can’t wait to vote against you this November, Mr. President.

Cartel Encroachment

We all know, or you should know, that the drug cartels are becoming a big problem here in the US. Our government really hasn’t done a good job of keeping track of it either. Naturally the Border Patrol and border state law enforcement know all about this but no one is listening on a federal level. Few news organizations are brave enough to report on it because of their involvement in supporting the Obama administration. Fortunately for us The Blaze doesn’t answer to the major media. If there’s a story we need to hear they still see it as their job to report it. That’s why I want you to take a look at this particular story. It charts just how extensive the drug cartels operations in the US really are. No, this isn’t an exaggeration or fear mongering. It’s simply something you need to be aware of to help you keep your families safe.


The fact that this has been aloud to happen by our highest levels of government is nothing short of appalling. This actually leads us back to the Fast and Furious scandal. The cartels here in our country could be armed by Fast and Furious and are therefore a much bigger danger than your run of the mill drug dealers. These are well armed, highly trained individuals that have no respect for human life.  Go to the above link. Read the story. Check your area on the chart and be aware of what you’re up against. Use that information to better prepare yourself and please, keep your families safe.


Sheriff Joe claims to have proof that Obama’s birth certificate is fake. Here’s hoping.

This could be huge.

Police Step Over Bounds, Confiscate Guns

I heard about this on Armed American Radio tonight. The way it was described was that the poor guy was part of the cutbacks. Sent home to work from home unless his supervisor said otherwise. While on such status the gentleman went out and bought 3 guns in one day. Now these weren’t his only guns. He had been a gun owner for years. So the police coax him out of his house in the middle of the night and hauled off for a psychiatric evaluation. Why you ask? Because he bought to many guns on one day after being put on work from home status. Before you say, “wait a minute that’s illegal”, here’s an article to prove it.

I’m sorry but if this doesn’t upset you down to your Constitutional core there’s something wrong with you.

Now for the man to get his weapons back he had to throw a media fit. Really, the police in Oregon is that nuts? You know I’m from Oregon. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth but between the liberal political B.S. like this, and the fact that my ex-wife still lives there, I will never live there again. Oregon you have some serious problems. If you need a copy of the Constitution I can hook you up with The Heritage Foundation where you can get a free copy.

Just yesterday, after enough of the country finding out about this the police decided they would give the man his guns back…can you believe that crap. They illegally confiscated his guns and then decided they would go ahead and give them back. This should outrage all patriots.